We warmly welcome you to enjoy our archipelago pizzas in the ambiance of an old cargo ship

Pub Niska Turku is the first franchising restaurant of a restaurant concept developed by chef Michael Björklund from the Åland Islands. The idea is to serve local food produced from high-quality ingredients.

Opening hours

Our opening hours:

Monday - Thuesday closed

We- Thu: 11.00 - 18.00 (-21.00 take away)
Fri: 11.00 – 18.00. (-22.00 take away)
Sat: 12.00 - 18.00 (-22.00 take away)
Sun: 12.00 - 20.00

The kitchen closes half an hour prior to closing time.

Menu & drinks

We serve delicious Åland-style food made from delicious, high-quality ingredients. As a chaser you can have tasty drinks from our versatile drink list.

Pub Niska offers merry, mouth-watering moments by the atmospheric Aura river!

Open around the year, our restaurant offers Pub Niska’s famous, tasty archipelago pizzas. Archipelago pizza, i.e. Åland-style pizza, is made from fresh, high-quality ingredients that mainly come from Åland. Our list also includes filling salads, delicious desserts and a versatile drink selection.

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