About us

The story of Pub Niska

The roots of Pub Niska reach all the way to the Åland Islands, where Michael Björklund, the top chef also known from tv series Strömsö, came up with a new restaurant idea. To supplement the selection of ordinary pizzerias, Björklund wanted to serve new types of pizzas made from high-quality ingredients. A simple menu and a small restaurant at a Mariehamn harbor gave rise to these unique archipelago pizzas. Today, we have up to ten different sorts of archipelago pizzas in our menu.

As for the restaurant’s decoration, we had an idea to tie the restaurant’s theme to Algoth Niska, a smuggler who lived in the 19th and 20th centuries. During the Prohibition law, Niska smuggled liquor from Sweden to Finland via the Åland Islands. Algoth Niska’s story lives on in Pub Niska in the form of maritime decoration, cargo box seats and the names of the menu’s archipelago pizzas.

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