Lunch, Pizza, Pubniska Åbo


Lunch, Pizza, Pubniska Åbo

Pubniska Åbo

Pub Niska är den kända åländska kocken Michael Björklunds eget restaurangkoncept. Pub Niska serverar Lunch, Pizza, Pubniska åbo.

We warmly welcome you to enjoy our archipelago pizzas in the ambiance of an old cargo ship Pub Niska Turku is the first franchising restaurant of a restaurant concept developed by chef Michael Björklund from the Åland Islands. The idea is to serve local food produced from high-quality ingredients.

Pizza Åbo

Pub Niska offers merry, mouth-watering moments by the atmospheric Aura river! Open around the year, our restaurant offers Pub Niska’s famous, tasty archipelago pizzas. Archipelago pizza, i.e. Åland-style pizza, is made from fresh, high-quality ingredients that mainly come from Åland. Our list also includes filling salads, delicious desserts and a versatile drink selection.

Lunch Åbo

Contact & booking Make a reservation in our atmospheric restaurant easily online. Please know our restaurant gets crowded at weekends, which is why we recommend making the reservation well in advance.

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